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Past Speakers & Topics

Dallas 2014 Speakers and Topics


Appointing an LSO
Presented by Patrick J. Clark

Laser Safety Officer (LSO), even the name is nebulous at best. However, you need one if you have a laser or an IPL in your facility. What are the requirements, and more importantly, what needs to be in place for support? In this program we will review the history, the need, and the requirements for a valid safety program for light-based technologies in aesthetics.  Even if all of the tasks fall to you within a small business, there are things that need be done to protect the client and you both from a safety and legal standpoint. Each attendee will know the requirements in Texas and in the United States and will be able to explain the importance of the LSO and along with being able to explain the requirements of a safety program and how it impacts to professional licenses and positions. 

Patrick Clark has been active in clinical light applications since 1988. He moved from his first administrative and clinical exposure of laser use and control at the University of North Carolina Memorial Hospitals in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to being a member of the team to first accomplish and teach routine laser laparoscopic cholecystectomy in several Northeast states. He returned home in 1992 to be selected as the founding director of the laser program at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and the allied hospitals. In that position, he refined a teaching and administrative process that included the control of some 117 laser and light sources in a myriad of applications and a recurring education process for physicians, residents, nurses and paramedicals.


Presented by Kathleen Carney

Ten percent of the female population has hirsutism. They are the ideal clients for hair removal professionals. It is important for us to understand this condition as well as the aesthetic, physical and emotional challenges sufferers/ those afflicted face for us to be able to better connect with them on a personal services basis. Attendees will become familiar with the symptoms, causes, risk factors, complications, and psychological challenges of hirsutism as well as the medication and treatment procedures available.

Kathleen Carney is Founder and CEO of Skin Blends LLC, "a professional custom blending system created for aestheticians by aestheticians." Skin Blends is also an approved training facility for the NCEA training classes (National Coalition of Esthetic Associations) as well as a distributor of Cirepil waxes and manufacturer of Mineral Blends makeup. Her teaching degree is from Wayne State College in Nebraska. Before entering the professional beauty industry, she was a high school home economics teacher and worked for the Department of Justice for many years.


Maximize Your Epilator by Adding Highly Profitable Services
Presented by Clement Beaumont

In this new, highly competitive hair removal market, electrologists need to constantly re-educate themselves to further develop their knowledge and improve their techniques for the benefit of their clients. This advanced permanent hair removal lecture will provide electrologists a complete and comprehensive guide on how to become a leader in modern electrolysis procedures. Also, professionals will learn how to diversify their services with today’s epilators by introducing new treatment modalities that will make them stand out from the crowd. Pre – and post-treatments are important steps to ensure the client’s comfort, maximize results and prevent skin reactions. Furthermore modern epilators offer outstanding permanent hair removal performance along with new functions for advanced aesthetic skin treatments.

Clément Beaumont is the president and CEO of Dectro International, a 30-year-old Canadian corporation that specializes in the conception and manufacturing of electrolysis and aesthetic equipment. Beaumont directs the research and development of Dectro International to improve permanent hair removal treatment and aesthetic care application. Beaumont contributed in the conception of the first computerized epilation system named ‘APILUS,’ which introduced personalized programs adapted to each body area and stores this information in a customer file for later retrieval. Beaumont is regularly traveling around the world to attend international conventions, to assist Dectro’s worldwide distributor and to lecture at specialized seminars on electrolysis or aesthetic technologies.


Bloodborne Pathogens
Presented by Kay Flewellen

Choosing a career in laser hair removal, aesthetics and skin care offers great rewards and the satisfaction of making people and their skin, look and feel great. However, along with all of its rewards, there is a dirty truth always lurking. Bloodborne pathogens are a work-related hazard. Having a successful career requires recognizing potential hazards and providing a safe environment for you and your clients.

In this class you will learn:

  • The Hazards of the Industry
  • The Mode of Introduction
  • The Chain of Infection
  • Skin Diseases and Disorders
  • OSHA standard precautions
  • The Incident Exposure PACT

"Every day is 'Safety Day'; it is the only day with no holiday".

Kay Flewellen is a Baylor University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications/Public Relations, salon owner, celebrity stylist, image consultant, adjunct professor at Navarro College of Cosmetology, and a published author. Building on her family’s rich history in the hair care industry, her personal studies in cosmetology, trichology, aesthetics, and makeup artistry along with more than 20 years of experience, Flewellen emerges as a premier voice on all things beauty.
Kay has traveled extensively to provide services for Grammy award winning gospel artist CeCe Winans, Angie, Debbie, and Mom Winans, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, and a host of civic and business leaders. Having produced styles and articles for national hair magazine publications and worked as a Certified Educator for several hair care companies; K now brings her God-given gifts online casino canada and writing abilities together to create her new book, “A Mane Attraction : a go-to guide to nurture a healthy and attractive mane”.
K is the authority on hair care. She is informative, energetic and inspirational. By offering practical styling tips and in-depth knowledge of hair care; K empowers you to take charge of your hair and manage your hair with ease. Kaye is not just a stylist; she is a maven - The Hair Maven!  


Upsell Opportunities and Retail Sales
Presented by Ami Montague

Why should you, a hair removal specialist, focus on up-selling or retail sales? You already have a captive audience. Why not capitalize on the situation? Most clients will experience some sort of irritation post hair removal treatments. Learn what causes the irritation and how to alleviate the symptoms with products on your shelves. Within this hour, you will learn five interesting and fun techniques for increasing sales in your practice while expanding your knowledge of safe post-treatment products.  

Ami Montague, L.V.N., L.E, currently works at National Laser Institute (NLI) in Dallas as an instructor and Laser Safety Officer (LSO), as well as the lead laser technician and injector at NLI’s medical spa. Before joining NLI, Montague spent nearly five years in San Diego, California working for a top spa and plastic surgeon performing peels, microdermabrasion, facials, and assisting with surgeries. In early 2002, she began her career in laser therapy, specializing in hair removal, rosacea, leg vein therapy, and anti-aging treatments. In addition to her laser certification, Montague is Allergan-certified to perform cosmetic injectables.


Understanding Commercial Business Insurance
Presented by Joseph Gallitelli

The lecture will provide a general, but detailed, outline of commercial business insurance, including coverage definitions, insurance agent and insurance carrier selection, risks management identification, and an introduction to the appropriate lines of coverage for your business and claim management.
We will explore commercial general liability coverage, commercial property coverage, professional liability coverage (malpractice), umbrella/excess line coverage, business automobile coverage, workers compensation coverage and employment practices liability coverage. At the end of the lecture, you will have a clear, basic understanding of insurance fundamentals. Having attained the knowledge with which understand, select and manage your insurance coverage options, you will have ultimately achieved the ability to protect one of your most important assets, your business.

Joseph B. Gallitelli is a licensed insurance agent specializing in property & casual insurance coverage. Gallitelli graduated from University College, Rutgers in 2001 with B.A. degree in Political Science. He received his property and casualty insurance license in 2002 from the Milburn Agency Corporation and has been specializing in commercial lines insurance coverage for hair removal specialists and skin care businesses ever since. Gallitelli received a designation of Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) through The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research in 2007. Gallitelli currently assists new and existing clients to obtain an understanding of commercial lines insurance coverage and provides his clients with the best risk management options for their business.
Gallitelli Online casino US currently resides and works in Maplewood, New Jersey. When not working, he enjoys the company of his family and friends and enjoys running, cooking and gardening.


Industry Best Practices
Presented by Robert Logue

Attendees will gain tremendous insight that will enhance their confidence and deepen their understanding of industry best practices within the laser hair removal profession.  All participants will have access to a rich library of model forms and documents, which will further enhance and streamline the operations of today’s leading medical spa facilities. Following the two hour presentation, practitioners will enjoy the ability to operate with greater assurance regarding the following subtopics:

  1. How low can you go? What age is too young for a laser hair removal treatment?
  2. HIPAA and Laser Hair Removal Treatments: Keeping the secret oath of a laser hair removal technician.
  3. Written operating protocols and procedures: Just what should these things say?
  4. Keeping it clean: Industry standards in the sanitation of your treatment rooms
  5. Pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions: What should they include and what should you present to your clients?
  6. Continued staff training: Keeping the record clean! 
  7. To treat or not to treat: A common occurrence that may impact today’s visit.
  8. Documenting, reporting and responding to complications – How to serve everyone like a pro.
  9. Liability insurance: What type and how does it work?!
  10. Laser maintenance 101: Calibration, records, and the law

Robert E. Logue, JD, LSO, is a state approved instructor as well as registered laser hair removal professional. Having overseen of thousands of laser hair removal treatments, Logue is considered to be an expert in the safe and effective removal of unwanted hair through laser and IPL machines. His medical spa has contributed to presentations and conferences around the world, and his insights are sought by many domestically and internationally for the selection of laser technology based upon effectiveness, safety, and cost of ownership. Logue earned his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his law degree from Washington And Lee University.  Logue is licensed to practice law in the state of Texas and enjoys assisting his colleagues with compliance related matters.


Lasers and IPL for Hair Removal
Presented by Michelle De Leon

Until recently, lasers were considered the gold standard for hair removal, but over the last decade Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices have become the go-to treatment for some people.  IPL devices can address many of the issues that affect lasers, such as slow treatment times or pain during treatment.  New IPL technologies, such as motion technology and multiple pulsing of follicles, have made IPL treatments fast, easy, more comfortable, and available to more skin types.

Michelle De Leon is the co-founder of Aesthetic Laser Academy and has been in the Dallas Aesthetic ring for 10 years. De Leon is a respected professional in the industry of medical aesthetics and lasers and was influential in establishing the success of one of the nation’s first laser training programs in Dallas, Texas. She is highly regarded as an innovative leader, speaker and educator. She currently speaks for companies such as Scition, DERMASCOPE Magazine, and Candela – Syneron, to name a few. De Leon is highly sought after to help train top companies staff to propel to the next level. Her enthusiasm and passion in this industry is infectious.


Marketing and Branding Your LHR Salon
Presented by Sami Gonzales

After attending this branding and marketing class, you will learn the difference between the two and why branding is crucial to stay competitive. In this lecture, you will learn the most effective marketing strategies to help you compete in the 21st century. Gonzales will teach you the crucial steps involved in building a business and setting your laser hair removal facility apart from the competition. You will learn why social media is crucial to your business and how to utilize it effectively. You will learn why your business must be available online and why becoming digital is no longer an option but a requirement to remain competitive. Lastly, you will learn why accepting credit cards is no longer a luxury but a requirement for the new savvy shopper.

Trend setter, innovator, global artiste Sami Gonzales is one of the most sought after colourists of the 21st century. Entrepreneur, educator, mentor, motivational speaker and master certified colourist, Gonzalez is a leader in the industry with 25 years of experience working with hair. Educator and creative artistic team member for global Farouk Inc., Gonzales has an extraordinary ability to assess a client and determine the most flattering cut, color and style for their features, skin pigment and personality. Gonzales is constantly upgrading his repertoire by continuing education with global masters.
Gonzales has been a salon owner for over 25 years. He has been an educator for Scruples, and was one of the original ARTISTIC TEAM MEMBERS for global Farouk Systems. Well-traveled and cultured, Gonzales has performed in every major city and brought back the latest trends to the Dallas area for over 25 years. He is currently in the works to open his very private and exclusive beauty school. Gonzales  will have his BBA in the fall of 2015 and then complete his MBA.


Ergonomics in a Clinical Setting
Presented by Anabel De Le Vega

Ergonomics is the process of changing the work environment equipment, furniture, and pace of work to fit the physical requirements and limitations of employees, rather than forcing workers to adapt to jobs that can, overtime, have a debilitating effect on their physical well being. Underlying all ergonomics work is a careful analysis of human activity. The layout of individual workplaces is now often part of the overall layout of a control in a clinical setting. It is important to leave space between the equipment and the person who is working with the equipment. The time spent working with the equipment may be small compared with the time that you spend trying to adjust your body to a better posture. By the end of this lecture, each attendee will be more knowledgeable on how and why their body hurts, specific stretches and exercises to help relieve tight muscles and aching joints along with things you can do to prevent the aches and pains from starting in the first place.

With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty field, Anabel De La Vega is a certified licensed specialist, reflexologist, herbologist, crystal healer, instructor, presenter and an author of a book. She has training and experience in Japanese Facials, Chinese Facials, Indian Treatments, Morpho Lymphatic Drainage and more. De La Vega has received education in China, Thailand, India and in the United States. In 2013 she received an award of Esthetician of the Year. De La Vega is the published author of Tao The Art of Relaxation, and she is also a guest speaker at the International Congress of Esthetics.

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