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2013 Speakers and Topics

Professional Liability Insurance: Are You Properly Covered?
Presented by Susan Etter

During this lecture Susan Etter will educate attendees on the liability issues involved with owning their own medical spa including specific issues with laser and electrolysis services. She will review the different risks associated with medical spa owner liability, nurses liability, and independent contractors. Etter will also cover risk management to lessen liability associated with owning a spa, review consent and medical history forms along with discussing who you should perform services on, and assess claim experiences specific to hair removal procedures.

Susan Etter joined the Underwriting Team of Professional Program Insurance Brokerage in Spring of 2010.She has a 16 year background in insurance.During this time at PPIB she has developed a strong knowledge of the issues that face MediSpa, Beauty, and Body Art businesses.From this expertise, she is becoming a well-known speaker and writer within these industries, advising ways to develop a successful business and implement procedures to increase loss control and prevention. Prior to working for PPIB, Susan managed a number of independent retail insurance agencies focusing on personal and commercial lines, juggling 10 companies' appetites and underwriting guidelines.When she's not in the office, she's spending time with her 3 boys running them around to baseball and soccer games.


Post-treatment Procedures in Electroepilation and Home Care
Presented by Johanne Fortier

Post-treatment care is an important step in preventing skin reaction and insures the client's comfort while maximizing results. This presentation will offer a brief description on skin preparation to improve moisture and ease the electroepilation treatments. Discover the benefits of after-care procedures using cataphoresis current to enhance the penetration of specially formulated ionized products and other types of procedures that promote skin regeneration. Johanne Fortier will cover the importance of product composition, including fresh and natural plant cell extracts as the best selection for pre- and post- depilatory application, along with home care product selection to enhance skin appearance and procuring an overall brighter look.

Johanne Fortier has more than 33 years of experience both practicing and teaching in electrology and aesthetics. Starting out in Quebec, Canada, she spent many years teaching, working closely with organizations, the government and schools while she simultaneously owned her own salon. Today, she teaches advanced classes as the national training director of Aesthetic Systems located in Santa Ana, Calif. She is also the director of education at the American Institute of Education, a highly recognized electrology school in the nation. Fortier continues to teach both working professionals and prospective professionals working hard towards achieving the betterment of the field.

Laser and IPL Burns: Now What?
Presented by: Robert Logue

This lecture will cover best practices for injury prevention, warning signs during and shortly after treatment, mitigation of complication by immediate corrective action, identification of severity, client follow-up care and treatment, and regulatory and legal concerns.

Robert Logue is a state approved instructor as well as registered laser hair removal professional. Having overseen thousands of laser hair removal treatments, he is considered to be an expert in the safe and effective removal of unwanted hair through laser and IPL machines. Logue's medical spa has contributed to presentations and conferences around the world, and his insights are sought by many domestic and international professionals for the selection of laser technology based upon effectiveness, safety, and cost of ownership. He earned his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his law degree from Washington and Lee University.  Logue is licensed to practice law in the state of Texas and enjoys assisting his colleagues with compliance related matters.

Building a Loyal Clientele Without Discounting Yourself!
Presented by: Kelly Richardson

With every beauty blog and mainstream website offering deals to consumers, and every consumer looking for deals, building a loyal clientele without discounting yourself is imperative to the success of your business.  An in-depth look into "daily deals", an activity in developing a marketing plan that does not involve discounts, and how to keep your customers loyal will be discussed.


Kelly Richardson is the president of Sonoma Tanning and Be Bronze LLC. She has been featured in BusinessWeek Magazine, CBS, NBC, and FOX news broadcasts throughout the western US in regards to spray tanning, business development for tanning salons, and starting home-based businesses. Richardson is a regular contributor for Dermascope Magazine, Les Nouvelles Esthetic & Spa, and other trade industry publications. She has been interviewed for articles regarding spray tanning legislation that have been printed in the Chicago Tribune and the USA Today. Her specialties include education, training, branding and identity, and product distribution.

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Marketing to Grow Your Business
Presented by: Sandra Nash

Marketing and business development are vital when it comes to building a successful aesthetic practice. This presentation will online casino detail ways that aestheticians, spa owners and other beauty professionals can grow their businesses without breaking the bank. Featured topics will include: becoming an expert resource, developing relationships, working with the media, hosting special events, internet marketing, traditional marketing, and guerrilla marketing. These tips and tricks can help you showcase your services and expertise to attract new clients, strengthen your relationships with existing customers, and stand out from your competition.

Sandra Nash has 30 years of business experience in industries ranging from spa management to media consulting. A Licensed Aesthetician, Massage Therapist and Certified Laser Professional, Nash holds the position of Spa Manager at National online casino Laser Institute in Dallas, Texas. National Laser Institute is a full-service medical spa casino online and educational facility where Nash also serves as a Clinical Laser Instructor. Before coming to National Laser Institute, Nash managed the L Spa at Baylor University Medical Center and served as a medical aesthetics trainer for a local physician's office. In addition to her aesthetic expertise, Nash is the co-founder of The Coaching Company, a media consulting business she runs with her husband, Barry. By merging her aesthetic skills with her understanding of promotion and presentation, Nash has carved out a unique niche in the medical aesthetics marketplace

Laser Physics, Safety and Regulations
Presented by: Patrick Clark

During this lecture, Patrick Clark will explain 14 Cardinal Rules. The attendee will be able to discuss the keys to successful light-based therapy. The attendees will also be able to discuss the five components that determine setting for treatment and how they change by patient and treatment, as well as the true risks to both the user and patient as they involve light and electricity. Finally, regulation and certification will be conversed. Those present will be able to converse on standards of care, standing orders, and how they apply to ethics, law and regulation.

Patrick Clark has been active in clinical light applications since 1988. He moved from his first administrative and clinical exposure of laser use and control at the University of North Carolina Memorial Hospitals in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to being a member of the team to first accomplish and teach routine laser laparoscopic cholecystectomy in several Northeast states. A Texas native, he returned home in 1992 to be selected as the founding director of the laser program at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and the allied hospitals. In that position, he refined a teaching and administrative process that included the control of some 117 laser and light sources in a myriad of applications and a recurring education process for physicians, residents, nurses and paramedicals. Numbers of internationally known facilities and organizations call upon Clark to assist in development, testing, application and safety of light on tissue worldwide. He has direct experience in complete hospital programs, outpatient and freestanding surgery centers, the beginnings of office and spa applications, and the development of light applications for nonprofessional and home use. His commercial experience includes being vice president of clinical affairs and product development for both a national publically held mobile laser-surgical services company, Medical Alliance, and with the device division of an international pharmaceutical company, ICN. Often called upon by laser manufacturers and having given over 400 clinical and lectures in the last 20 years, Clark can bring a world of experience to select needs.

OSHA Standards and Regulations
Presented by Susan Monroe

This class will cover OSHA standards which apply to laser technicians and electrologists. Specific topics such as bloodborne pathogens, personal protective equipment, hazard communication, non-ionizing radiation and ergonomics will be discussed.  The audience will be told what to expect during an OSHA Inspection. The presentation will include frequently asked questions, and there will be an opportunity for the audience to address any concerns. An increased knowledge of OSHA standards which apply to laser technicians and electrologists is the expected outcome from this class.

Susan Monroe MS, CIH has a B.A. in Music from the University of Kentucky and a M.S. in Biology from the University of North Texas. Currently, Monroe is the Regional Industrial Hygienist with a 24 year career working with USDOL/OSHA as an Industrial Hygienist. In addition, she is the OSHA regional coordinator for Bloodborne Pathogens, Respirators, Ergonomics and Technical Equipment; industrial hygiene trainer for OSHA Region 6 Personnel; internal auditor for OSHA Region 6 Area, and Field Offices
Job Safety/Health liaison with many Department of Labor agencies; she has been a speaker at many national level health conferences; and she is the past president for the American Industrial Hygiene Association, North Texas Section.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark: Introduction to Global Skins  III-VI
Presented by Pamela Springer

This lecture will identify the concept of global skin tones as well as review the most common concerns, cautions or contraindications. Participants will be able to classify skin types using a skin scale that reviews ancestral back ground as well as determine propensity for PIH and scarring. This will allow good assessment measures and service selection based on global skin types.


Pamela Springer, a licensed educator, speaker and author, conducts monthly Don't Be Afraid of the Dark webinars on skin management programs for darker skins. She is the product developer for Global Skin Solutions and founder of The Skin & Makeup Institute of Arizona and the Academy of Advanced Aesthetics and Permanent Cosmetics. Springer volunteers her time as the director of NASN for Arizona.

Rules and Procedures Regarding IPL
Presented by: Tina Zillmann

With this topic, Tina Zillmann will educate the attendees on the rules and procedures regarding IPL hair removal, draw attention to the pre- and post-precautions that need to be followed, and educate on the technology and how it works.

Tina Zillmann is a practicing aesthetician and licensed hair removal professional with expertise on innovative aesthetic treatments and post-surgical care. As vice president and director of Skin Rejuvenation Clinique, Inc. and Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts she is fluent on all aspects of business ownership, product formulations, employee relations and retailing. She has been awarded on television and print as a local skin care expert in San Antonio, Texas and nationally as a public speaker and published writer in the skin care industry. Her endeavors have awarded her with the Female Entrepreneur of the Year award through the National Association of Women Business Owners, the Presidency of Aesthetic International Association from 2009 through 2010, Advisory Board Member for the American Electrology Association, and reviewer for Milady textbooks and learning materials.

Mastering Communication Etiquette: Male, Female and Transgender Clients
Presented by: Ami Montague

Hair removal services have become more intimate in recent years, as social trends have created a preference for bare skin on many parts of the body. To best serve your clients, you want to ensure that they are fully comfortable with the treatment process and hair removal techniques – but how can you determine the proper etiquette when working with a first-time client or a client of another gender? This presentation will examine hair removal etiquette in the salon and spa setting, with a specific focus on working with clients of different genders. This will include "Tackling the Brazilian: Achieving successful treatments over rough terrain (male and female clients)," "Words 101: Finding and owning your verbal comfort zone with clients of any gender," and "Demystifying Transgender Clients: Methods of approaching the unknown."

Ami Montague is a licensed nurse (LVN) and aesthetician (LE). She currently works at National Laser Institute in Dallas as an instructor and laser safety officer (LSO), as well as the lead laser technician and injector at NLI's medical spa. Before joining NLI, Montague spent nearly five years in San Diego, Calif working for a top spa and plastic surgeon performing peels, microdermabrasion, facials, and assisting with surgeries. In early 2002, she began her career in laser therapy, specializing in hair removal, rosacea, leg vein therapy, and anti-aging treatments. In addition to her laser certification, she is Allergan-certified to perform cosmetic injectables.

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