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2014 Speakers and Topics

Professional Hair Removal Conference – Miami 2014


Saturday, April 5th, 2014


Forms: Paper Communication = Optimum Results
Presented by: Alexandra J. Zani

The client is always the number one priority in hair removal practice. An important process in providing optimal results is the introductory process that clients experience when arriving for a hair removal/reduction treatment. Intake forms provide more than routine information. They are an informative, qualifying process that ensures that there are no hidden risks when performing electrolysis or laser hair reduction. This lecture will provide the following objectives: First, the hair removal professional must acknowledge the shifting landscape of today’s client in a multicultural society. As a result, the importance of knowing their clients’ ethnic make up in order to ensure that proper procedures are followed for their specific skin type will be discussed. Next, front desk communications ranging from setting appointments and client directives to future scheduling will also be examined. Communication is necessary throughout the entire process and hair removal professionals need to have a complete understanding of what the clients’ issues are so that they can properly address any concerns. Examples of several important client information documents will be provided with an emphasis on the purpose of each form. Lastly, a review of pre- and post-care forms and follow-up will take place. The importance of proper client care based on the procedure to be performed will be covered, as well as client expectations and how to plan for their next hair removal/reduction appointment.

Alexandra J. Zani is an international educator, speaker and author with a background in cell biology, medical technology, and communications. She brings years of hands-on experience in aesthetics, treatment protocols, and research in skin science and cosmeceutical development. She is a technical writer and scientific advisor for postgraduate studies in the medical spa industry. Zani presents education for advanced aesthetic technology including microcurrent, LED, and non-ablative laser. She is a specialist in the skin sciences, the effects of nutrition, lifestyle and the mind/body connection. She maintains a teaching license for cosmetology/aesthetics, is NCEA nationally certified, and is also certified in Oncology Esthetics™ and more.

Positive Staff Equals Positive Cash Flow

Presented by: Michelle De Leon

We are all passionate and strive for success within our customer service industry. Different personalities in the spa can be strong and we need to strive to harness our positive strengths to overcome the objections of our negative attitudes that can creep into our day. It is imperative for everyone to understand that these factors can have a positive or negative affect on not only your employees, but also on your cash flow.
Following this lecture, attendees will hit the ground running with amazing energy and new outlooks on how positive flow can affect every aspect of our industry. New ways to increase revenue and retention with your hair removal practice will be discussed. Making adjustments to boost return can motivate others to follow a more positive lead and create a new buying trend from your clients.

Michelle De Leon is the co-founder of Aesthetic Laser Academy and has been in the Dallas Aesthetic ring for 10 years. De Leon is a respected professional in the industry of medical aesthetics and lasers and was influential in establishing the success of one of the nation’s first laser training programs in Dallas, Texas. She is highly regarded as an innovative leader, speaker and educator. She currently speaks for companies such as Scition, DERMASCOPE Magazine, and Candela – Syneron, to name a few. De Leon is highly sought after to help train top companies staff to propel to the next level. Her enthusiasm and passion in this industry is infectious.

Specialized Insurance for the LHR and Electrology Industries

Presented by: Susan Etter

This presentation will include common insurance coverage for technicians performing laser hair removal and electrolysis. Focus will be on professional liability, but will also touch on general liability and property issues. Coverage options will be discussed in detail, as well as the most frequently asked questions and misconceptions about coverage in this industry. Suggestions will be made about what to review in your own policy. Some mitigation techniques to prevent claims in this area will also be explained.

Susan Etter joined the underwriting team of Professional Program Insurance Brokerage (PPIB) in the spring of 2010. She has an 18-year background in insurance. During her time at PPIB, she has developed a strong knowledge of the issues that face medical spa, beauty, and body art businesses, especially with the rapid changes in services provided in these fields. From this expertise, she is becoming a well-known speaker and writer within these industries, advising ways to develop a successful business and implement procedures to increase loss control and prevention. Prior to working for PPIB, Etter managed a number of independent retail insurance agencies focusing on personal and commercial lines, juggling over 10 companies’ appetites and underwriting guidelines.

Leveraging Revenue Streams in an Evolving Marketplace

Presented by: Alison Howland

This presentation will explore current revenue generating practices relevant to the professional hair removal industry, looking at a variety of data both within and outside of the industry. Shared best practices will be discussed as will current and future trends that affect the professional hair removal industry. Through this information and data, the identification of realistic ways to increase revenue will be defined. Each attendee will walk away with new ideas to implement in their business.

Alison Howland has a background in the beauty industry, including sales and marketing, spa development, technical and business training. Howland brings over 25 years of experience to the projects on which she works. Her certification in esthiology, ayurveda and aromatherapy allows her to leverage her skills and bring a unique perspective to her projects. Howland is a regular contributor to industry publications as well as casino pa natet an international published writer. She is a member of the Green Spa Network Advisory Board and a sought after speaker at a variety of national and international industry events including Global Spa and Wellness Summit, International Congress of Esthetics and Spa, and PHRC.

Combining Modalities: LHR and Electrolysis
Presented by: Fadia Hoyek

This lecture will provide an overview of the various methods of hair removal, understanding of different hair types and the growth cycle (including melanin in hair and skin), laser and light-based hair removal, different types of modalities, and recommended treatments for each type of hair and skin. Other topics that will be covered include the history of electrolysis, a variety of modalities, the difference between older and newer equipments and the recommendation for safe practice and visible results, challenging treatments, and understanding the importance of using the Fitzpatrick scale to safely treat hair using laser hair removal in comparison with the color blind of electrolysis modalities. Treatment of gray and blond hair will be addressed, as well as safely removing hair from a micropigmented or tattooed area on the face and body and more.

Fadia Hoyek has over 15 years of experience in the skin care and aesthetic industry. Hoyek originally began her career as a school teacher in 1988 and earned her first European skin care certification in 1991. She has since moved to Florida, where she completed her skin care training by earning a full specialist license, an associate degree in skin care concentrating on advanced paramedical skin care, and a body wrapping license. She later earned a license in electrolysis and passed her C.C.E. and C.M.E. to become fully certified as a clinical and medical hair removal specialist in Florida.

Sunday, April 6th, 2014


Hair Removal on Ethnic Skin Types
Presented by: Ruth Bayer

This lecture will include background online casino dgfev information on ethnic skin types and their specific issues, as well as some of the common misconceptions and fears clients may have about permanent hair removal methods. Equipment and modalities that are the safest and most effective in treating ethnic skin, using both electrolysis and laser hair removal, will also be examined. Specific parameters and guidelines will be discussed as well as pre- and post-treatment care. Along with clinical aspects, the role of hair removal specialists as educators and the importance of easing the fears of their ethnic clients and broadening the scope of their potential clients will also be discussed.

Ruth Bayer, a member of the Society of Clinical and Medical Hair Removal (SCMHR), is a licensed aesthetician and clinical medical electrologist. She attended the University of Georgia, and then spent over a decade traveling the world as a flight attendant before pursuing this second career. Bayer has many hours of experience in electrolysis and laser hair removal and has assisted in teaching laser certification courses. She is a presenter for SCMHR, and has given webinars for continuing education credits on topics involving electrolysis and laser hair removal. Bayer currently works as a laser specialist in South Florida.

Transgender Wellness

Presented by: Dr. Anagloria Mora

This presentation will define terms and its usage regarding gender and behavior. Gender dysphoria, its definition, etiology and criteria will be discussed. Barriers to proper care and ways to improve service to the transgender client will be also examined. Attendees will affirm the existence of gender dysphoria in the questioning of the client and leave with basic knowledge and understanding of the different clinical terms and its importance in the transgender community. Attendees will also have a list of resources in the community to better serve the transgender client.

Dr. Anagloria Mora is a licensed psychotherapist from Florida, a national certified counselor, and a board certified clinical sexologist. She received her Master of Science in psychology from The Miami Institute of Psychology; a Clinical Sexologist certification from The American Academy of Clinical Sexologists Postgraduate Training, and holds a Doctorate in clinical sexology. Mora has her private practice in South Miami and she appears in magazine articles and on various television and radio shows – both locally and internationally. She is very involved in the community and offers various seminars/workshops at different hospitals, schools and organizations. Mora has received various recognitions.

Social Media Crash Course

Presented by: Kelly Richardson

Using social media to build your business is not as simple as making a post or sharing a picture anymore. Learn about the newest applications and innovations available to help increase your interaction with customers, attract a new customer base, and get your staff and employees efficiently involved in social media. In this crash course, new social media trends will be discussed, and live social media activity and analytical questions will be covered. Bring your social media accounts, laptops, tablets, and smart phones to this presentation.

Kelly Richardson is the president of Sonoma Tanning and Be Bronze LLC. She has been featured in Business Week Magazine, CBS, NBC, and FOX news broadcasts throughout the western United States in regards to spray tanning, business development for tanning salons, and starting home-based businesses. Richardson is a regular contributor for DERMASCOPE Magazine, Les Nouvelles Esthetic & Spa, and other trade industry publications. She has been interviewed for articles regarding spray tanning legislation that have been printed in the Chicago Tribune and the USA Today. Her specialties include education, training, branding and identity, and product distribution.

Endocrine System: Facts, Functions and Diseases

Presented by: Betsy Ludwick

The endocrine system is directly and uniquely related to and responsible for the functions of our body as it relates to hair growth. A key to successful hair removal is to understand the stimuli that makes it grow, appear and change throughout our lives. Without an understanding of the hormones that course through our bodies, we can limit our ability to perform successful hair removal. This lecture will help the professional hair removal practitioners help identify possible reasons for hair growth and find ways to better their understanding of successful hair removal treatment.

Betsy Ludwick R.N., R.E., C.M.E. holds an R.N. degree from Jackson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Miami, Florida. She has experience in medical, surgical, pediatrics, OB/GYN (specific to labor and delivery), and dermatology. Ludwick and her daughter partnered to open their Grand Rapids, Michigan, office 16 years ago. They specialize in electrology, laser hair removal, permanent makeup, and skin care. Ludwick currently serves as SCMHR vice president and is co-chair of the Education Committee, the Marketing Committee, and the International Child Health Review Collaboration (ICHRC) certification committee. In the past, she sat on the SCMHR’s Nominating Committee and SCMHR’s Writing Committee (ICHRC), which was charged with the development of the C.L.H.R.P. and the C.P.L.H.R.P. certification exams, as well as two different revisions and preparations to the C.C.E. and C.M.E. exams.

Safeguarding Your Business

Presented by: Sherry Taylor

This presentation will assist the laser hair professional in evaluating their hair removal practice for important safety and liability concerns and provide guidance on protecting their employees, clients and themselves from the possible spread of disease. Attendees will learn how to recognize potential liability issues before they occur; protect their business, employees and clients from blood borne pathogens such as MRSA or hepatitis; handle an inspection with confidence; and understand their OSHA accountability as an employer, employee or independent contractor. A check list will be provided to assist laser hair removal professionals perform a self-evaluation on their current standard operating procedures.

Sherry Taylor is a well-known educator, author and speaker in the aesthetics industry. In addition to teaching an advanced course in paramedical skin care, Taylor serves as an independent advisor on issues related to safety, compliance and medical aesthetics. She is also the co-owner of an aesthetic training and consulting business in Fort Lauderdale. Having owned her own skin care studio for 10 years, she is an expert on obstacles faced by independent practitioners. Taylor has held several management positions including director of safety and compliance overseeing a group of salons, spas and medical facilities as well as director of aesthetics for a national chain of medical spas.

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