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Past Speakers and Topics

Saturday Feb 28, 2015

Electroepilation on Skin Types I – VI – 1.5 hours
Presented by Courtney Griffin Freeman with expert panel Etna Griffin and Tamara Palmer
This mega-informational course includes in-depth content on the procedure of electrolysis, the current market trends in permanent hair removal, industry standards and safety training, tips & tricks from industry professionals, as well as best business practices for the 2015 marketplace from licensed instructor, Courtney Freeman. The expert panel for interactive Q & A with our live audience will include Advanced Practice Nurse, Etna C. Griffin, and Licensed Esthetics Instructor, Tamara Palmer – both industry professionals in the field of Electrolysis for the past decade. This course is a must-attend event for all Hair Removal Professionals!

Courtney Freeman is a Licensed Esthetics Instructor and owner of Southeastern Esthetics Institute in Columbia, SC – an Advanced Esthetics Training Academy focusing on the latest technologies in cosmetic arts and hair removal techniques. Freeman is an avid speaker and expert in the Esthetics Industry, motivating & teaching professionals in extensive content, esthetics knowledge & business strategies.

Etna Griffin practices as an advanced practice nurse under the State Board of Nursing in South Carolina, as a nurse anesthetist at Tuomey Hospital, where she has been since 1981. She graduated from The University of South Carolina in 1978, receiving her BS in Nursing. She is a Certified Medical Electrologist by the Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal as well as a Certified Laser Specialist since 1999, receiving advanced training with the Light Sheer Laser in 2000 and the Candela Gentle Yag Laser in 2004. Griffin is also certified in intensive hands-on training with Sclerotherapy since 2005, also receiving advanced training with Botox Cosmetic and Hyaluronic Acid Fillers in 2005. It is obvious through her intensive training, true passion for her career, and the applause of over a decade’s worth of satisfied clientele that Griffin has remained tremendously successful in her clinical skincare practice.

Tamara Palmer is a licensed esthetics instructor and experienced laser technician, and electrologist for dermatology offices and medical spas across the Southeast. Palmer's extensive experience in the esthetics field, along with her avid public speaking talents in hte industry, provide her with the knowledge needed to provide exceptional content as an expert panel.

Laser Hair Removal: Pearls of Wisdom Ensuring Positive Outcomes – 1.5 hours
Presented by Pamela Bennett, RN
With this lecture we will look at the biology of the human hair and skin types as a determining factor in laser hair reduction. We will explore the process of laser selection and discuss the practical aspects of safe laser practices as it applies to the client and technician. Some attention must be given to the medical conditions affecting laser hair reduction and to client education. Lastly, the art of clinical applications will encompass an analysis of techniques employed to ensure successful treatment outcomes. Bennett can be reached at 912-381-5116.

Pam Bennett has 22 years of experience in hospital nursing, case management, and nursing education. Ten years ago, she established Skintastic, LLC, a boutique Medical spa. In 2013, Bennett presented studies on laser skin tightening and wart reduction at an international laser symposium. She is an experienced laser technician, a trainer for two laser manufacturers, and a consultant and business coach with a passion for teaching. Bennett is a registered nurse and holds a bachelor's degree in business from Georgia Southern University.

Topicals Used in Hair Removal – 1 hour
Presented by Courtney Griffin Freeman
Delve into the exciting world of hair removal and discuss different options in topicals used for hair removal, their associated risks, and positive effects. This course comes with a take-home grid of the different topicals, their descriptions, special considerations for skin types, sensitivities, and pros and cons. Freeman's class focuses on exciting lecture, customized eye-catching documents you may use in your client consultations, and other business-related information as pertaining to hair removal that will jumpstart your career and assist you in achieving amazing results with your clients!

Courtney Freeman is a Licensed Esthetics Instructor and owner of Southeastern Esthetics Institute in Columbia, SC – an Advanced Esthetics Training Academy focusing on the latest technologies in cosmetic arts and hair removal techniques. Freeman is an avid speaker and expert in the Esthetics Industry, motivating & teaching professionals in extensive content, esthetics knowledge & business strategies.

Referral Programs: The Art of Networking – 1.5 hours
Presented by Lina Kennedy
Are you self-conscious about sharing your experiences? Do you find it challenging to approach strangers and network yourself? This lecture will help you to understand simple and effective ways to put yourself out there with confidence. Learn how to share your passion with others to encourage them to try your services. And in turn, learn how to capitalize on your clients’ passion from their positive treatment results! Take away useful suggestions and tips on how to immediately implement referral programs to help you build a successful, loyal clientele that will keep your business thriving.

A chief pioneer collecting many feathers in her cap, Lina Kennedy is the expert on professional sugaring who writes articles regularly for industry magazines in North America and Europe. As president of Alexandria Professional, one of her personal goals is to ensure that each professional trained in the art of body sugaring learns and understands the exceptional results they and their clients can achieve through The Kennedy Theory™ for sugaring and The Kennedy Technique Theory™. 800-957-8427 or

Prevention of Medical Errors – 2 hours
Presented by Michelle De Leon
Preventing medical errors in your spa is imperative to keeping your doors open and providing quality services to your clients. We will review the different types of medical errors, learn where errors occur, how to avoid injuries, and the best steps to promote client and practitioner safety.

Michelle De Leon is the co-founder of Aesthetic Laser Academy and has been in the Dallas Aesthetic ring for 10 years. De Leon is a respected professional in the industry of medical aesthetics and lasers and was influential in establishing the success of one of the nation’s first laser training programs in Dallas, Texas. She is highly regarded as an innovative leader, speaker and educator. She currently speaks for companies such as Scition, DERMASCOPE Magazine, and Candela – Syneron, to name a few. De Leon is highly sought after to help train top companies staff to propel to the next level. Her enthusiasm and passion in this industry is infectious.

Sunday Mar 1, 2015

Contributing Factors of Hair Growth – 1.5 hours
Presented by Dr. Alexandra Molinares-Sosa, MD
This talk will define the important role our hormones play in hair growth. Hormone abnormalities can cause polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), hirsutism and insulin resistance. During this lecture, you will learn to recognize the symptoms of each so that appropriate medical referrals can be made for testing and treatment. 

Alexandra Maria Molinares Sosa, M.D., C.M.E., was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, where she completed medical school at Universidad del Norte in 2002. She is a board certified family physician and a 2011 graduate of Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC. Dr. Molinares owns Molinares Medical & Holistic Centre, Inc., where she provides a broad variety of treatments from medical, cosmetic, and alternative medicine options. She is trained in laser treatments for hair removal, vein removal, and skin rejuvenation. She is passionate about dancing, traveling, spending time with her family, and providing the best care for her patients.

Saving Face With Social Grace – 1.5 hours
Presented by Dr. Anagloria Mora, Ph.D
We have all experienced the "foot-in-mouth" situation in our personal lives. However, in this profession it could make or break the relationship you are building with your clients. Dr. Mora will explain the existence of gender dysphoria while presenting research on possible causes. Attendees will posses basic knowledge and understanding of different clinical terms and its importance in the transgender community. We will also discuss and analyze the present health care delivery system and its barriers for the transgender client.

Dr. Anagloria Mora is a licensed psychotherapist from Florida, a national certified counselor, and a board certified clinical sexologist. She received her Master of Science in psychology from The Miami Institute of Psychology; a Clinical Sexologist certification from The American Academy of Clinical Sexologists Postgraduate Training, and holds a Doctorate in clinical sexology. Mora has her private practice in South Miami and she appears in magazine articles and on various television and radio shows – both locally and internationally. She is very involved in the community and offers various seminars/workshops at different hospitals, schools and organizations. Mora has received various recognitions.

Naturally Calm & Soothe Irritated Skin – 1 hour
Presented by Anabel De La Vega
Clients are looking for natural remedies to every day ailments. Most herbs contain compounds that naturally help your body reduce inflammation and also fight free radicals. With this talk, attendees will learn about the many benefits of herbs, how to treat inflamed and irritated skin by using herbs for pre- and post- treatment care, and how to incorporate them into your spa.

With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty field, Anabel De La Vega is a certified licensed specialist, reflexologist, herbologist, crystal healer, instructor, presenter and an author of a book. She has training and experience in Japanese Facials, Chinese Facials, online casinos Indian Treatments, Morpho Lymphatic Drainage and more. De La Vega has received education in China, Thailand, India and in the United States. In 2013 she received an award of Esthetician of the Year. De La Vega is the published author: "Tao The Art of Relaxation", and she is also a guest speaker at the International Congress of Esthetics.

Essential Steps to Organize Your Business – 1 hour
Presented by Dora Salazar, CCE, CME
Opening a business starts with passion and enthusiasm but being able to maintain it and to reach success takes dedication and most importantly, organization.This presentation will give you the basic steps to improve business performance and achieve a predictable outcome. We will discuss and analyze rearranging your vision and ideas according to business evolution, building a winning team, Comparison between being a leader and a business owner, organizing business legalities, structuring your taxes and form of payment, defining your accounting coding list, file organization, paperless options, simplifying your social media and marketing, inventory evaluation and selection, and monitoring results and conserving your stand-alone brand. Better business organizational skills will result in liable growth and financial gains.

Dora Salazar, aesthetic director and founder of online casino Techno-Facials Skin Care Lounge, has devoted her life to the passion of skin care to improve the health and condition of the skin. She obtained her medical aesthetics training at the Elite Academy of Skin Care and the Florida College of Natural Health and has a degree in natural health, advanced skin care, and massage therapy, and a second in industrial management. With over 18 years of experience in the aesthetic field, Salazar’s main goal is to achieve visible results and provide clients with the best customer service while using the latest technology available.

Hair Removal Can Be Risky Business: Evaluate Your Insurance Needs – 1 hour
Presented by Jesse Cormier
Accidents do happen — even to the most skilled and conscientious practitioner. Learn how to reduce the risk of mishaps, as well as the correct way to respond if a client is injured during a treatment. This is vital information that may someday save your hair removal business and reputation, as well as protect your clients.

  • Do clients really sue? Learn from some of our real-life cases.
  • Does your employer’s liability insurance policy really cover you?
  • What is the difference between claims-made liability insurance coverage versus occurrence-form? What is a shared aggregate policy versus individual coverage?
  • Know what to do (and what NOT to do) in the event you injure a client during a hair removal treatment.
  • Learn the top 10 ways to reduce risk for your clients and protect your career.

 Jesse Cormier is the director of industry relations for Associated Skin Care Professionals, a company she helped found. ASCP is the nation's first and largest association devoted solely to insuring and professionally supporting practitioners, instructors, and students in the skin care profession. Cormier started with ASCP’s sister association for massage, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), in 1998. She has spent years visiting aesthetics and massage therapy schools, and exhibiting and speaking at tradeshows and events in order to stay close to the issues and concerns of those helping shape the skin care and beauty professions. She has recently expanded her duties to include Associated Hair Professionals (AHP) and Associated Nail Professionals (ANP), both sister associations, launched in 2012 and 2014, respectively.

Monday Mar 2, 2015

OSHA Compliance & Blood Borne Pathogens – 1.5 hours
Presented by Vergie Bain
As service providers, we have to ensure the safety of our clients, as well as ourselves at every turn. We will discuss OSHA's blood borne pathogen standards, including HIV/AIDS and the other hazards found in the hair removal industry. This lecture will also address the OSH Act including how inspections are conducted and what to expect if OSHA knocks on your door. 

Vergie Bain is the compliance assistance specialist for the Ft. Lauderdale area office. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Shaw University and has been employed by OSHA for over 30 years. Previously as a senior industrial hygienist, Bain was later selected to the position of the Voluntary Protection Program’s team leader/coordinator for the State of Florida.  Bain is now in charge of all outreach activities for the Ft. Lauderdale area office. Bain’s responsibilities no longer include enforcement. Bain is now exclusively devoted to assist employers, employees, and community groups to familiarize themselves with safety and health issues, as well as to develop programs that explore partnership opportunities on a fulltime basis.

Brazilian Waxing Made Easy – 1 hour (demo)
Presented by Melissa Black
Body waxing services require the bedside manner of an OB/GYN, the personality of a primetime talk show host, the quick hands of a magician, and the talent of a fabulous hair removal professional all rolled into one. We will discuss waxing etiquette for females, pregnant women, teens, seniors and those with health or physical challenges. Learn essential practices and policies to make the client comfortable while maintaining proper sanitation in your spa.

Melissa Black is the owner of Bombshell® Salons and Candy Coat Beauty™ based out of Richmond, VA.  Her signature brand Bombshell® has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies and voted year over year number one in the field.  Having worked for such companies as Ritz-Carlton and Nordstrom she has made five-diamond customer service a staple in her endeavors.  She is a Master Aesthetician and has been in the industry for more than two decades building brands and developing techniques with a proven track record of success in the world of waxing and sugaring.

Not Just Another Male Waxing Class– 1 hour (demo)
Presented by Krissa Gordon
Cater to your male clientele! From ears and nose to chest and back and everything in between, we will demonstrate the appropriate technique to provide the best ManScape possible. This demonstration will provide a better understanding of sanitation procedures to maintain the best hair removal environment.

As senior educator and school specialist for Satin Smooth, Krissa Gordon shares over 20 years of communications and industry experience with a passion for the science and business of skin care. As a successful aesthetician in a medical practice and a former spa/salon owner, she delivers comprehensive and cohesive educational programs that generate immediate excitement and inspiration. With a communications degree from Arkansas State University, as well as aesthetics and educator certifications from The Academy of Salon & Spa, Gordon has worked in various industry roles. She currently practices clinical and spa aesthetics at Northwest Arkansas Center for Plastic Surgery.

Sugaring Made Simple – 1 hour (demo)
Presented by Lina Kennedy
You have heard about it and read about it – and now it is time for you to see for yourself what professional sugaring is all about. Join us for a live demonstration to learn and experience first hand how to effectively extract all hair types from vellus to coarse, challenging hair. From all skin colors and ethnicities, we will discuss the multiple benefits you can offer and expect to achieve with your clients. Learn how to work within all challenging climates and skin conditions by understanding how to select the right type of sugar. Learn what it takes to master your technique.

A chief pioneer collecting many feathers in her cap, Lina Kennedy is the expert on professional sugaring who writes articles regularly for industry magazines in North America and Europe. As president of Alexandria Professional, one of her personal goals is to ensure that each professional trained in the art of body sugaring learns and understands the exceptional results they and their clients can achieve through The Kennedy Theory™ for sugaring and The Kennedy Technique Theory™. 800-957-8427 or


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