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The Finishing Touch

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Men's hair removal

Whether it is for social or sexual reasons, today’s man keeps up with his grooming regime more than ever, and we women are very appreciative of the results! Hair removal plays a predominant role in this factor.

Between sugaring, shaving, laser, waxing, tweezing, trimming, and electrolysis; men of all ages, sizes, sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds, and professions are getting rid of excess and unwanted body hair. Male grooming is much more than just backs, chest and manscaping. What we see most is the face. The face is where it is at – the eyes, the mouth, and yes even the lobes!

Male grooming goes way beyond a stylish cut. It is about tidying up loose ends by taking care of that uni-brow, the nose stragglers, monkey ears, cheek strays, shaggy necklines, and a runaway moustache. It is really about a finished package.

Male Grooming Menu
Guy Brows – The idea when cleaning up a man’s brow is to keep them masculine looking and not quite so feminine, unless that is the look they are going for. This can be accomplished by lessening the arch, giving them a blunt end and not a pointy end, cleaning up the lower lid but still leaving some natural stragglers by not creating a sharp line. Of course let us never forget to separate the uni-brow.

Nose Hair – Every man absolutely should have their nose hair removed, and getting them sugared by a professional sugaring practitioner is a great solution. The technique used in professional sugaring treatments for grooming nose hair only gently removes the hair exposed at the tip of the nostrils keeping intact the hair needed for filtering. Nose hairs are there for a much needed purpose. Removing nose hairs with wax on a stick by pushing it up the nostrils and then pulling it out can potentially put clients at risk for infection, particularly of the throat and lungs. Nose hairs block against dirt and pollutants from entering the breathing tract as hair in the nose is the body’s first line in defense against pathogens such as germs, fungus and spores. This is why an educated practitioner discourages practitioners from “completely” eliminating all nose hairs when grooming.

Ears- Although many people associate hair on the ears with age, an aesthetician can tell you that it is not exclusive to their more mature male clients. Whatever the cause for little monkey ears, grooming them makes it much more inviting to nibble.

Cleaning up the beard area – A man’s beard belongs in the jaw bone region and looks raggedy when pesky strays filter down the neck and across the cheeks. Tightening up the beard area, whichever style your client sports, whether it is a goatee, full on beard or Elvis sideburns, each deserves to be crisp and clean.

Sharpen up the mustache - Not all men can wear the look of the moustache. But if they do wear one, you can help accentuate the look by tightening it up. This includes cleaning up hairs that are too close to the nostrils, carefully shaping the exterior of the mustache, as well as trimming the area over the lip. How far down you let the mustache hang depends on the client’s desires.
Back neckline - Nothing spoils a well-styled hair cut like a jagged neckline. Cleaning up the back of the neck and giving your client a crisp edge is essential to a complete “look.”

How to market yourself to the male client
Incorporating male grooming services into your spa does not have to become a big ordeal. Keep it simple by starting with facial hair removal grooming services. They are quick, easy, and instantly rewarding to both you and your client.

As you build up your male clientele, you can begin to add other treatments like specialized male facials to your service menu. Do not forget to increase your hair removal services to include men’s backs, chest, and the new “hot” tend… manscaping. I find male clients to be very loyal. Share your knowledge with them by discussing the process of what you are doing and what they can expect to achieve. A great perk to promoting your services to men is that they are open and accepting to good advice and recommendation towards home regimes that can benefit their skin.

Men really do take pride in their looks… take advantage of it!

Lina Kennedy, president of Alexandria Professional headquartered in Welland, Ontario Canada. 800-957-8427,

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