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Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal, Inc.

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In 1985, The Society for Clinical and Medical Electrologists was founded to provide electrologists with cutting-edge research in hair removal technology. In 2002, the organization's name was changed to the Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal (SCMHR) to support all methods of hair removal. SCMHR is a rapidly growing organization, providing opportunities for membership, live and home-based continuing education and certification. SCMHR's mission is to benefit the consumers of our services by:

  • Promoting professional integrity and confidence;
  • Ensuring theoretical and technical competency; 
  • Maintaining ongoing clinical effectiveness;
  • Encouraging cohesiveness through uniform educational standards; 
  • Investigating and integrating new technology.


Our current membership stands at nearly 500 members from the United States, Canada, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. The membership year runs from July 1st to June 30th. Members receive discounts on certification exam fees, continuing education, and SCMHR publications. In addition, members receive:
Access to the Members-Only section of the SCMHR website;

  • Listings in the SCMHR Membership Directory – both print and online formats;
  • A subscription to SCMHR's web-based newsletter, "Perspectives";
  • A subscription to DERMASCOPE Magazine (U.S. Members only) and;
  • A CD-ROM version of SCMHR's Infection Control Practices and Sterilization For Electrology and Laser Hair Removal (also available in print at a discount to members).


Over 1,300 hair removal professionals currently hold one or more certifications awarded by SCMHR and its International Commission for Hair Removal Certification. SCMHR offers four different certification designations:

  • Certified Clinical Electrologist (CCE): This is the first level of certification for electrologists and is based on one's current knowledge of electrolysis practice.
  • Certified Medical Electrologist (CME): This level of certification is intended for electrologists who also practice laser hair removal. (A current CCE is required to sit for this exam.) While there are many questions pertaining to laser use, there are also advanced electrolysis questions.
  • Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional® (CLHRP): This exam is for anyone who practices laser hair removal, including physicians, nurses, medical aestheticians, electrologists, et cetera.
  • Certified Pulsed-Light Hair Removal Professional (CPLHRP): This exam is for anyone who practices pulsed light hair removal, including physicians, nurses, medical aestheticians, electrologists, et cetera.

Applications for these exams, as well as information about study materials, can be obtained on our website. Certification is valid for five years from the date on which one sits for the exam. Recertification requirements include either 75 hours of continuing education over the course of that five-year period, or retesting on or before the certification expires.

Continuing Education

SCMHR is dedicated to life-long learning in the ever-evolving field of hair removal and offers several opportunities for continuing education:

  • Annual Professional Hair Removal Conference (co-sponsored by DERMASCOPE Magazine), which provides at least 15 hours of live continuing education each year.
  • SCMHR's home study library has 50 titles consisting of one-, two-, three- and four-hour programs. Both booklet and online courses are available, with a substantial discount offered to members of SCMHR.
  • SCMHR webinars offer two hours of live continuing education from the comfort of home, and members receive discounted registration fees. Webinars are offered approximately every eight weeks, on a variety of hair removal-related subjects, presented by leaders in the field.

As the first in the industry to recognize and promote laser technology as a revolutionary breakthrough for hair removal, SCMHR prides itself on anticipating the future needs of hair removal professionals in a world of exciting – and constantly changing – technological possibilities. We strive for the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, supporting all methods of safe and effective hair removal throughout the medical community. 

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