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Upselling Skin Care and Aesthetic Services

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The true value of a product can only be determined by the consumer, however it takes a passionate advisor to present the benefits and features of a product that establishes the worth. Think about it.
The rule of sales states it is better to have 100 satisfied customers than 1000 prospects! More sales are made with friendship than with salesmanship. This and another old business adage says “All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends” and if you have fostered your skin care business to care and help people, garnered trust based on your skills, personality, and client follow through

you already have the most powerful sales and service means available now to increase sales for your business. It is estimated that more than 50 percent of sales are made and business relationships are kept because of friendship, personal, or professional.
Why is this so important and how can your relationship skills with your clients from yesterday increase the bottom line of your business today? Think about your best customers. They have already established a friendship and trust factor with you and because of this will follow your professional advice.Upselling Skin Care and Aesthetic Services pic

Consider these eight principal assets you already have in your favor:

  1. Your clients know you
  2. They like you
  3. You have an established rapport
  4. Confidence and trust have been built
  5. You have a history of satisfaction and results
  6. Your clients use your products
  7. They will be more receptive to a new service or product
  8. They do not have to be “sold” because they will buy

So how does all this relate to upselling? Simply put, too often complacency becomes routine in a skin care environment where the theme is to relax and take a deep breath to escape. Selling is not an aesthetic practice generally learned when going to school and the fear of stepping out of the comfort zone of skin treatments is the monster most aestheticians do not want to face, no pun intended. After all, what if a new treatment or product is presented and the client says no? You have a choice, either you sell the customer on yes, or they sell you on no. Remember, your client would not be there if they had not been sold on you, your service, and your product. No matter whether you make a sale or not, continuing to be in front of your customer builds relationship and goodwill.
Upselling is a great way to extend your services, educate your customer on new treatments, ingredients, and products, and build your business for more revenue. Clients always love something new albeit a new product or treatment. Given your clients are already using your services, they are happy and satisfied with what you provide and will embrace the new “go to” product for their skin. Use the time with your client intelligently and always educate. Education equals sales.
Your enthusiasm will also set the tone. Always create excitement about how your new product and service will improve their skin, get faster results and enhance their life in addition to the features and benefits of the formulation and treatment. Sell the education of the products and treatments with sizzle; set new appointments then let them buy. Customers love to shop! Have little baskets for them to place products in. Recommend other uses for skin care products they currently use. For instance, if your client is using a retinol serum for skin age management, suggest to the client to use on the back of hands and décolleté; age spots and wrinkles are not just in one area.
Sell your client more of the same, only for different places, such as: for travel, gifting, another residence, a friend, family member, et cetera. If you know your client, you know their needs and lifestyle. Acknowledge your clients wants and keep current on their present skin care program. Look for holes in their continuance of home care and fill that need. Does your client have a mask? A moisture cream? A serum? A hydrator? Do they need more than one cleanser? Are there seasonal upgrades necessary for your clients skin care program requiring new products and treatments? Assess your client’s skin care program on a continuous basis and upsell to fill the void.

If you can not upsell your present customers and personally use the excuse “I have sold them everything I can sell them” what this “I can not” defense really means is:

  • You have failed to establish a rapport with your customer and lack credibility
  • You have not followed up well (or at all) with your client regarding their skin care program
  • You have not developed a proper skin care relationship with your client and established trust

Who is your best or worst customer? If I had to guess, you are your best or worst customer for your aesthetic services. Do not underestimate that your personal skin care commitment transcends to your customer. How many of your clients ask what you are using? What you do, say, and practice will provide additional upselling support. Remember, clients want to be told what to use and do. Failing to recognize this not only costs immediate revenue but compromises trust and future sales.
A story I share is the example of having a treatment performed and never being educated to what is needed to solve the problem in terms of skin care and future treatments. Not only is this a missed opportunity, it makes the client frustrated. I have heard many complaints from consumers who have shared with me they wanted to be sold products for their skin but the aesthetician failed to sell. Follow a golden upselling rule; never assume or qualify customer wants.

Three upselling caveats most strongly linked to sales are:

  1. Focusing on your clients needs and educating your customer versus pushing a product connects the right dots. Clients can detect sincerity.
  2. Solve your client’s skin problem. Do not undersell products or services. Be honest with your client to present the big picture and what it will take to get to the end point.
  3. Educate how the recommended services and products will benefit the client’s life. Point out the wow factor and the most important fundamental reasons for the product or service. Individuals only remember three features, so ensure you communicate the most significant. Remember knowledge is power!

In conclusion, upselling should always be the natural state of conducting business and is important to booking the next appointment. It simply refers to helping your client decide to upgrade to the final purchase by focusing on the customer’s needs. Incorporating these simple principals can and will increase business in upward of 40 to 60 percent.

Christine Heathman 0510An inducted Legend in American Aesthetics by DERMASCOPE Magazine and Aesthetics International Association in 2008, Christine Heathman has been a practicing licensed master aesthetician, educator, and a leader in the research and development of skin care and progressive clinical protocols for over 25 years. A recent testimonial to Heathman’s skin knowledge selected her amazing product formulas out of thousands and recently featured them on the nationally syndicated TV show called The Doctors, as an alternative option to cosmetic surgery.

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