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Steps to Selling Series

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There is a saying in business that nothing happens until someone sells something to somebody. If this is true, no business can be successful, or even survive, unless all efforts are directed at serving the people who do the buying – the clients. Unfortunately, where many aesthetic professionals fail is by not thinking of themselves as skin care technicians and salespeople.
It is important for you to put your time and energy in the treatment room into giving the client the best in skin and body care, but once you have them hooked on your services, do not risk not retaining them by your lack of series sales.

A series sale offers benefits for the aesthetician including:
* creating visible changes in the clients skin
* allowing you to safely increase treatment intensity each session
* your work becomes easier each session
* guaranteed income from a financial commitment
* referrals from satisfied clients

Selling can be scary (whether it is products or treatments) and getting a client to commit to purchasing multiple services ahead of time can be the toughest of all. Once you and your client have agreed on the home care program and you have stressed the importance of daily maintenance, go ahead and explain the benefits of regular professional visits.
For example, “In the treatment room, we talked about the series of treatments being the best way to (insert the clients skin care issue that they wish to treat or body concern they wish to alleviate).With a series of four treatments performed every other week, you will see the very best results. Are you able to fit this into your schedule?”
Explain the benefits of a series purchase for the client very clearly. In most spas and salons, the benefits include savings on each visit, priority scheduling, accelerated results, ongoing professional advice, among others.

Overcoming Objections for the Series
Once you have explained the recommended treatments and how the series works, be quiet! Remember, if you are talking you will not hear the client’s questions and concerns. Allow the client to process everything you have said and come to a decision on what will work best for them.
Do not make a decision for them! This is dangerous territory and will definitely kill the relationship you have worked so hard to establish. What is necessary at this point is to actively listen and be ready to address their concerns.
The client may ask, “Do I have to pay the full amount today?” Explain that the series is paid in advance in order to receive the savings and other benefits. By purchasing the series at one time, it takes X amount off the price of each individual treatment. If the client is resistant to this, consider allowing them to split the total into two payments – half today and the remaining balance on their next visit.
If the client claims they do not have time to commit to a regular schedule, try saying, “Well I can relate to being busy; there is never enough time to take care of everything, let alone ourselves! However, if you do not take care of yourself, who will? A lot of our clients schedule their appointments in advance. Once it is on their calendar, everything else revolves around the time that they have set aside for themselves.”
Consider eliminating an expiration date for series or making the expiration date a few years away. Once clients feel they have an unlimited time to redeem, they will feel less confined by the pressure of a busy schedule.
Unfortunately, some sales will not end with the client’s commitment and a series purchase. While some people love purchasing treatments in advance and can see the money saving and result benefits, others prefer to pay for their treatments on an individual basis. Just be sure to recommend their next appointment time and schedule them for their next session before the client leaves!

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