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Now is the perfect time to promote romantic salon and spa retreats. Create promotions and salon service menu packages that will make it fun for friends and couples to visit your skin care clinic or day spa! Clients won't know that you offer special service packages for couples unless you actively promote them in your skin care center or spa service menus. Get ready to take advantage of the annualized special events, holidays, and seasons, while offering exciting new spa gift packages. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, bridal season, and year-end holidays are terrific for couples promotions.

Selling retail is an essential part of a well run spa. This is true not only because the additional revenue is so crucial to a spa's bottom line, but also because prescriptive hom care is the necessary second step to the professional care given to a client in the spa. While mastering the retail sale can be difficult from a team or individual perspective, there are methods for making your spa's retail routine hum.

Direct mail has become one of the most effective strategies to market your aesthetic business. Whether your skin care center, dermatology clinic, day spa, or medical spa is known for signature facial treatments, specialized massage therapies, or day of beauty packages, there will always be some new service that you should promote to build your skin care business.
Many aestheticians wish that some of their specialized spa, wellness, and beauty care services were not the best kept secrets in town. Whether you operate independently or you own a large skin care facility, direct mail will help to draw attention to your business, while effectively promoting what you privately do behind closed doors.

It is time to become market driven with a series of exciting new client retention marketing strategies. We all know that one of the two best ways to build your business is by bringing in and keeping new clients. The other basic strategy for skin care clinics, salons, day spas, laser treatment centers, and medical spas is to build new business through your regular clients by selling them more services and products as well as to get them to refer their friends, co-workers, and family to you. With that said, it is time to explore how to sharpen your pencil on both ends to facilitate a new marketing plan that will take advantage of all opportunities.

If you want clients to follow you to the end of the earth and back, you better be the biggest expert on the block. Yes, great hands (touch therapy) do matter, as does your relationship and other such things, but the end all/be all deciding factor in them coming back for more will be the respect and awe you inspire with your results driven, customized system of skin care for each client. And by far the largest component of that is the clients at home skin care program. Don’t you agree?

It is time to refresh your retail environment and take sales to a whole new level. You can transform your retail department to look like the pros with strategic changes that ultimately impact how people browse, shop, and buy. For increased revenues and improved sales implement these interior design techniques for today’s skin care clinic or spa.
Communicate your brand. Upscale, urban, organic, value-priced… your retail interior should be a direct reflection of the image you want to communicate. High-end products should be merchandised minimally like fine jewelry in displays that complement the product. Organic products should be surrounded by metal and wood.

Strategic and creative promotions are a powerful way to stimulate business flow and revenues, as well as being an effective means of creating a loyal clientele. But think about this: What are your clients interested in? How can your promotions attract new clients? How often should you offer promotions? What types of promotions will set your business apart from the competition? You must create a strategic plan in order for you promotions to be successful and provide you with a return on investment (ROI).

Hopefully when you decided to become an aesthetician, your main deciding factor was your passion; Passion to help others look and feel better. It’s no secret that having passion for what you do is a major factor in an overall success formula. And, when you combine passion with skills, your chances for success are even greater, but your formula remains incomplete.
You need a solid investment program - an investment into the future of your career path, and what better than continuing education and advanced education. In the ever changing face of beauty products and beauty systems, it’s become even more crucial today for aestheticians to stay on top of their game.

E-newsletters are one of the best ways to openly communicate with your clients and build repeat business. You can offer advice, highlight special offers, and reveal new services you bring to your spa. E-newsletters encourage vital marketing when they are forwarded by readers. They establish your credibility in the marketplace, and put you ahead of the competition. Most importantly, an informative, insightful newsletter will keep your spa at the top of your clients' minds and make them want to come back again and again. But there's more to it than sending out a monthly e-mail.

If I had to identify one large knowledge gap in the skin care industry, I think it's in the area of retail sales. Yes, there is a wealth of product knowledge training available, but very little in the way of customer psychology and sales technique. Knowing what to recommend is not the same as knowing how to sell.
Aestheticians are in a tough bind because of this shortfall. On the one hand, it's probable that no one has ever taught you how to sell products, and yet on the other hand there is an expectation that you're supposed sell a lot—whatever that is.

It’s always been your dream and you know now is the right time to make it happen. You have researched and planned and prepared and at this point there is only one thing standing between you and the doors of your spa – money. You envision a waiting list of clients, a talented and attentive staff, and because of your success you will be profitable early on and be able to pay back your loans early! You are sure that because your business and marketing plans are so well designed, you will have multiple lenders ready to offer you the money you need to launch your spa into business.

One of the greatest perplexities to any spa owner is advertising. When to do it? Where? What makes sense? How much should I budget? We all understand the business of skin and body care, but getting our spa-oriented mind into marketing mode takes a real push. Marketing and advertising is a vast field of possibilities-both good and bad.
Every business needs to market itself, to get the word out about the availability, uniqueness, and quality of its goods and services. In the increasingly competitive day spa industry it's important to make potential customers aware of a company's distinctive qualities.

We’re both professional skin therapists with an entrepreneurial spirit, and we both teach classes with a similar point of view. We draw upon our own experiences as therapists, and as business owners—we’ve seen it all, done it all, and can save all of you the frustration of many common mistakes!

1- BE READY. While everyone is entitled to a personal life, quality time with friends and family, “sacred space”, and all of that sort of thing, you can’t expect much of this when you are launching a new business. To start your skin care center, even if it consists of a single room, you must be fully prepared to devote yourself to 12-hour days, seven days a week, for an indeterminate amount of time. This is true even if you hire other people. If you’re newly married, have a new baby, have young children, have a serious care taking role—even have a new puppy!—your timing probably is not right to launch a new business.

Marketing Plans

Salons, spas, laser treatment centers, and medical spas all competitively and capably offer a wide variety of professional hair removal services today. These special services are very affordable for clients, highly desired, low cost, and highly profitable for you. However, hair removal services are rarely marketed effectively by most professional salons. When marketed properly, professional hair removal services will quickly make you known as ‘THE BEST’ hair removal specialist in your area. Hair removal really should be one of your most important specialty services promoted aggressively throughout the year for women, men, and teens.

Networking has changed a lot in the past decade. When I opened my first medical spa in 2003, the majority of communication with my customers was accomplished via newspaper advertisements, flyers, direct mailers and telephone calls. While I still use those methods today, there are other elements of modern networking that cannot be ignored if you want to have a thriving aesthetic practice. The Internet – and in particular social media – has led to a consumer culture where customers are "plugged in" and engaged in real time. But, with that said, you do not want to lose the personal touch that clients have long valued as a part of the spa/salon experience.

It does not matter if you are new to the industry or a highly skilled expert – there are always new ways to grow in your profession. Do this by choosing the right product line; keeping your skills sharp staying up with your education; seeking advice for those hard-to-handle situations. DERMASCOPE has recently re-launched our website and we have added several noteworthy resources to help with all aspects of your career. 

We live in a digital world, spinning to the tune of electronic notices at every step. From the moment we wake to the moment we slumber, digital tunes hum songs of futurism in our ears. The songs are both quiet and loud, and they motivate our momentum. The digital world inspires impetus and the continually fluctuating concept of business: past the beginnings of bartering, past shipping trade, past trains and planes traversing the globe, and onward into the future of electronic commerce. Software and technology are used to help streamline efficiency and customer satisfaction in a world where information is one click away, and everything has become a digital representation of its former self.

We frequently encounter questions such as: what is the best way to handle a disgruntled client? Why are we having problems mastering waxing? Where can we go for answers? Expanding your knowledge is the most powerful investment you can make to further your growth not only professionally, but financially. Education is a must from the novice therapist to the seasoned aesthetician. The opportunities to attend seminars, trade shows, and classes are available, but taking the time from work or spending the money is sometimes very difficult. Sometimes we need answers right away and waiting for the seminar is not a choice. What to do?

How do you research the products, supplies, and equipment that go into one of your most important investments—your spa? Do you really know the companies you work with? Do you know how long they’ve been in this industry? Are you sure they are serving the professional industry? 
Most would say why does it matter? Well figure this: a new microdermabrasion machine just came into your skin care center. You are so excited and you got it at the best deal over the Internet. Times are tough but you need to stay up-to-date and compete with the local skin care centers in your area.


In past articles, we discussed the diseases that can affect the eye. Now that you know what might happen if you do not take care of our eyes, let’s explore the ways in which you can protect them and reduce your risk of damage.

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