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Networking has changed a lot in the past decade. When I opened my first medical spa in 2003, the majority of communication with my customers was accomplished via newspaper advertisements, flyers, direct mailers and telephone calls. While I still use those methods today, there are other elements of modern networking that cannot be ignored if you want to have a thriving aesthetic practice. The Internet – and in particular social media – has led to a consumer culture where customers are "plugged in" and engaged in real time. But, with that said, you do not want to lose the personal touch that clients have long valued as a part of the spa/salon experience.

It does not matter if you are new to the industry or a highly skilled expert – there are always new ways to grow in your profession. Do this by choosing the right product line; keeping your skills sharp staying up with your education; seeking advice for those hard-to-handle situations. DERMASCOPE has recently re-launched our website and we have added several noteworthy resources to help with all aspects of your career. 

We live in a digital world, spinning to the tune of electronic notices at every step. From the moment we wake to the moment we slumber, digital tunes hum songs of futurism in our ears. The songs are both quiet and loud, and they motivate our momentum. The digital world inspires impetus and the continually fluctuating concept of business: past the beginnings of bartering, past shipping trade, past trains and planes traversing the globe, and onward into the future of electronic commerce. Software and technology are used to help streamline efficiency and customer satisfaction in a world where information is one click away, and everything has become a digital representation of its former self.

We frequently encounter questions such as: what is the best way to handle a disgruntled client? Why are we having problems mastering waxing? Where can we go for answers? Expanding your knowledge is the most powerful investment you can make to further your growth not only professionally, but financially. Education is a must from the novice therapist to the seasoned aesthetician. The opportunities to attend seminars, trade shows, and classes are available, but taking the time from work or spending the money is sometimes very difficult. Sometimes we need answers right away and waiting for the seminar is not a choice. What to do?

How do you research the products, supplies, and equipment that go into one of your most important investments—your spa? Do you really know the companies you work with? Do you know how long they’ve been in this industry? Are you sure they are serving the professional industry? 
Most would say why does it matter? Well figure this: a new microdermabrasion machine just came into your skin care center. You are so excited and you got it at the best deal over the Internet. Times are tough but you need to stay up-to-date and compete with the local skin care centers in your area.

Every day an estimated 123 million people are using the Internet for all kinds of business including banking, paying bills, shopping, research, and entertainment. Some of the most popular sites include,,,,,, and
The majority of people on the Internet are using it to research new products. If you’re not competitive in this market you are missing a significant opportunity! According to, 25-60 percent of people are searching the Internet for businesses and services in their community, with Spas and Health Clubs being top search categories. Is your spa/skin care center on the Internet, are you exploiting this new market growth?

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