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NaturaLase LP 1064nm Long Pulse Nd:YAG Laser

sb-natura-lase-lpThe 1064nm Long Pulse Nd:YAG laser is the only technology that is as equally effective for hair removal on Fitzpatrick Skin Types V and VI as it is for Types I through IV. All other technologies are less effective and have a much higher risk of complications when treating darker skin types. SkinBusiness offers a rock-solid designed 1064nm YAG laser system, the NaturaLase LP. It's performance and reliability cannot be challenged, while it's ease of use makes even a newcomer to the aesthetics industry an expert overnight. With a large spot size and fast repetition rate, all treatments can be performed at a rapid pace. In addition to performing hair removal treatments on all skin types, the NaturaLase LP can deliver vascular lesion removal and skin rejuvenation treatments. Dependable and reasonably priced, the NaturaLase LP is a valuable tool for any aesthetics business.

With 60 Watts of power, the NaturaLase LP delivers unprecedented speed with fluences and spot sizes that will maximize efficacy and safety. Using larger spot sizes increase efficacy and decreases service issues as the number of pulses required per treatment is greatly reduced. Larger spot sizes also require less fluence, which increases safety, especially among darker and tan skinned patients. The 1064nm wavelength is the only technology to use for hair removal on Fitzpatrick V & VI patients that will be equally as effective when used on Types I through IV. With the large spot size of the LP, combined with its fast repetition rate, hair removal treatments can be completed in a very short time.

The NaturaLase LP also sets a new standard of care for the treatment of leg veins, facial veins and vascular lesions. The 1064nm wavelength is uniquely suited for leg veins as the penetration depth and low affinity for melanin allow the laser energy to reach much deeper veins than other technologies. Variable pulse widths and spot sizes ensure the most effective treatment settings. The 1064nm wavelength is also highly effective at remodeling collagen, without the "down-time" associated with ablative resurfacing, thus improving the texture of the skin and the appearance of rhytides.

For more information regarding the technology, please review this document.

NaturaLase QS 2-Joule Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser

sb-NaturaLaseQS-2At twice the energy of competing Q-Switched devices, The NaturaLase QS 2-Joule has the ability to perform a full range of aesthetic procedures; hair removal/reduction, pigmentation removal, vascular lesion removal and tattoo removal. With energy to spare, The NaturaLase QS-2 is capable of delivering an efficacious treatment in all 4 modes.

The QS 2-Joule is especially proficient in completely removing all colors of tattoo inks with less treatment sessions than any other system on the market due to the fact it produces more than double the energy per pulse in all wavelengths. 

This system is also valuable for treating hyperpigmentation in all skin types, with a notable superiority over any other technology when treating Fitzpatrick V and VI patients. The NaturaLase QS 2-Joule has also proven its value in the treatment of melasma. View the study on melasma in the "More Information" section of this page.

Includes 4 wavelength options, 1064nm, 532nm, 585nm, and 650nm.

The NaturaLase QS, a well designed, reliable and versatile laser creating multiple treatment options in one system. Successfully treat skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal (all colors), pigmented lesions, vascular lesions and hair removal with more energy and a better beam profile. The NaturaLase QS uses a large spot and a flat top beam to deliver energy deeper into the skin with much less damage to the surface of the skin. More energy with a bigger spot equals better penetration, faster treatments and better efficacy. Additional wavelengths will also help in the removal of difficult dermal/epidermal pigmented lesions and vascular lesions. NaturaLase QS is the most powerful Q-Switched Nd:YAG on the market today. Industry leading power and beam quality allow for a new "Gold Standard", only available from The NaturaLase QS.

NaturaLight Pulsed Light System (IPL)

sb-natural-lightHair removal and pigment removal are two of the most requested aesthetic procedures and a well designed pulsed light device is an excellent choice to accommodate this demand. In addition, many pulsed light devices can perform a wider range of procedures, giving an aesthetic practice an extremely versatile system.

SkinBusiness offers the NaturaLight, a pulsed light system that can perform multiple procedures with the quick change of a filter cartridge, dramatically reducing maintenance and replacement costs as compared to similar devices. Coupled with a large spot size and fast repetition rate, the NaturaLight can deliver a treatment in a very short period of time.

With numerous possible setting combinations, a high maximum fluence and a competitive price, the NaturaLight will fit any aesthetic practice in terms of both their needs and budget.

The NaturaLight is equipped with the latest in pulsed light technology while keeping the needs of both the technician and patient in mind. The Auto Mode requires a simple decision from the operator on how to set the device and produce superior results, even with limited system experience. For the more knowledgeable technician, the NaturaLight has a Manual Mode to permit the adjustment of all system parameters, creating a customized treatment to fit any situation suitable for a pulsed light device. Being able to change the system parameters, including pulse duration, total pulse width, number of pulses and fluence, gives any operator the ability to perform at the highest levels required in today's demanding aesthetic marketplace.

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