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Equipro Skin Care Equipment & Furniture

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Equipro Skin Care Equipment & Furniture

2425 Main Street PO Box 154
Isle Lamotte, VT 05463


Who are we?

Equipro is a manufacturer of high quality skin-care equipment and furniture.

With more than 30 years experience in the aesthetic field, our quality, innovation, design and high technology standards are the results of a dynamic production team working very closely with our research and development department.

All electrical machines manufactured by Equipro are approved by the CSA, an agency which controls and certifies electrical standards insuring the manufacturing of electrically safe machines.

Our North-American network of qualified distributors also ensures the technical training, the maintenance, as well as the after-sale service of the equipment.

Offering a two year warranty (parts and labour) on most of our equipment, a loaner service, after-sale service mobile untis and a 24hr, 365 days a year telephone emergency line; we achieve our goal: to satisfy our clientele with quality products and with a courteous and reliable after-sale service.

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