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Pibbs Industries

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Pibbs Industries

133-15 32nd Avenue
Flushing, NY 11354

employeesA journey that started on a rough sea was the beginning for the Petruccelli family. Those turbulent waters would reflect the environment for many years. The Petruccelli Group put down its roots in the 1950's as hairstying and fashion became more demanding. The hairstylist had greater needs, and the Petruccelli family was among those stylists. Hairdressing gave enjoyment, work and life to the Petruccelli Group. After opening a number of salons, an idea began to grow. This idea was to work together to build a business that would bring more practical and innovative styles to the industry.
In a small garage, not larger than a bedroom, the Petruccellis moved from hairdressing to selling beauty products. It was not easy in the 1950's to travel mile after mile throughout one of the largest cities in the world demonstrating and selling products directly in the salons. The hard work continued into the 1960's, when the first "Petruccelli International Beauty and Barber Supply" store opened. The Petruccelli Group created an environment where everyone worked together, and the hairdresser could always find a friend who understood what they needed. The modest beginnings gave rise to a regular import - export of professional beauty supplies and equipment. In 1964, the Petruccelli Group expanded their idea of personal service into "Pibbs Industries". This expansion allowed for the manufacture of everything the hairstylist would require.That first comb, brush, pair of shears and that small garage were the beginning to what the companies have become 40 years later.

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